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Woodbridge Township

Settled in 1664 by the British and now the home of Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.

  1. Woodbridge is the oldest original township in NJ and was settled in the fall of 1664. It was incorporated in October of 1693.
  2. It is widely believed that Woodbridge was named after Reverend John W. Woodbridge, although there are some indications it may have been named after a town in Suffolk County, England, near where many of the early settlers originated.
  3. The dominant religion in Woodbridge at the time was Puritan. Puritans were opposed to drinking in excess, yet at ceremonies such as the ordination of new ministers the tapping of many a beer keg was the highlight and the largest single expense.
  4. Around the time of the civil war, Woodbridge Township was a center for brick production because of its fine clay deposits.
  5. A Revolutionary War militia group, the New Jersey Third Regiment, known as the “Jersey Blues, “hailed from the Woodbridge-Piscataway area. The Jersey Blues were organized in 1673 to control Indians that came to the area in the summer months for fishing. In the War of 1812, some of the local Indians that served in the Jersey Blues were descendants of the men who formed the Indian Scout Company serving with the Blues in the Revolutionary War.
  6. In 1929-1930, footprints were found at a clay pit that were identified as those of a large carnivorous dinosaur identified as a megalosauropus.
Exit 11 - Hoppy American Wheat

Exit 11Exit 11 Hoppy American Wheat Ale is the second in their wildly popular Exit Series of Big Bottle Beers.  Exit 11 is a confluence of styles and ingredients, just as Exit 11 is the point in New Jersey where the Garden State Parkway, the New Jersey Turnpike and several other highways come together.

“Exit 11 is the point on the Turnpike where the Garden State Parkway branches off and takes hundreds of thousands of travelers to the renowned Jersey Shore,” says Flying Fish Founder Gene Muller.  “Our Exit 11 Wheat Ale is a fresh, citrus-y summer beer perfect for beachgoers and those who only wish they were headed ‘downa shore’.”

Exit 11 is an American-style wheat beer brewed with English ale yeast and three Pacific Northwest hops, Columbus, Palisade and Amarillo.  It is brewed with 50% Belgian pale malt and 50% white wheat, and is an ideal summer thirst quencher, with its bouquet of tangerines and apricots. Exit 11 is available only during this one-time release, and only until it sells out across New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.


Nevermind Woodbridge. Exit 11 is one of the Turnpike's busiest and most used because of the Garden State Parkway and of course, the Jersey Shore. Marketing anything NJ can't forget the Shore. How about a great belgian white with hints of citrus for all of those heading toward the Parkway and the beaches?!

submitted for Exit 11 (Woodbridge Township) by shugrants
June 11th, 2009 2:00 PM

Bamburg style rauchbier, al a Schlenkerla, only with a touch higher gravity putting it in the 7-7.5% ABV range.

Brings in the "Wood" in Woodbridge.

submitted for Exit 11 (Woodbridge Township) by Jim Calbi
April 29th, 2009 3:26 PM

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