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Westampton Township

Westampton Township, with 7500 residents, is a thriving community with prime commercial acreage, a wide choice of residential communities, the Rancocas State Park which houses the Rankokus Indian Reservation and the Nature Center.

  1. On December 17-26, 1776, American Colonel Samuel Griffin led 600 untrained men, bolstered by Virginia riflemen and artillery men encamped in Mount Holly. A Hessian force under Colonel von Donop overestimated the size of the American force, and Colonel Griffin’s diversion was successful in keeping the large Hessian force from reaching Trenton, allowing George Washington to seize a great victory at the Battle of Trenton.
  2. Willingboro was settled in 1677 by English Quakers. It was originally called Wellingborough after the town in England, but the spelling eventually changed to Willingboro. In 1959 the name was changed to Levittown after Levitt & Sons, Inc., who developed a community there. The name was changed back to Willingboro in 1963.
  3. Burlington was the home of Captain James Lawrence of the United Sates Navy. After serving during the undeclared war with France and the war with Tripoli, Lawrence made a name for himself as Captain of the Chesapeake during the War of 1812. On June 1, 1813, Lawrence engaged the British frigate Shannon. After being mortally wounded in the engagement, Lawrence defiantly said the famous words “Don’t give up the ship”. However, despite fierce resistance the ship was overwhelmed by British forces. The U.S. Navy has since named five ships after Captain Lawrence.


Here’s suggestion #2. Should have thought of this earlier, D’oh!!!!!

Here at Exit 5 we have a lot of the spirits still roaming the streets & stopping by their favorite & not so favorite places. We love our little town Mount Holly in Burlington County. Take a tour of The Old Burlington County Prison. Maybe you will run into Joel Clough. A love struck man who was repeatedly turned down by the woman of his dreams for marriage. So he decided to stab her to death instead of ask for her hand again. Said to still be heard moaning from his cell. Hopefully you won’t run into Albert DeSalvo,,,,,,,,,,,, aka, The Boston Strangler…….. Take a walk down High Street & partake in a beverage in any of the number of establishments & here the stories of the ghostly encounter we have. You can always stroll over The Relief Fire Company, maybe you will hear the barking of Jake or Molly. Our four legged friends long gone….. But still wagging their tails and always ready to fight fires. Soldiers are said to still roam the streets, children at play or maybe you will find yourself in the path of an escaped prisoner.

So on a cold winter’s night. Sit in your favorite chair, under a warm blanket with a good book. The Ghost of Mount Holly, A History of Haunting Happens & sip on a nice, say, Smokey Porter or a Pumpkin Ale. A little something spicy to warm your soul as you read about our dearly departed with whom may not have departed just yet. Mookie Wotypka-Ligthart

submitted for Exit 5 (Westampton Township) by Mookie Wotypka
October 25th, 2011 4:34 PM

I proposed a dam good hoppy IPA beer. Maybe the use some Revolutions Hops would be in order.
Independence and Prosperity for All (IPA)

The Battle of Iron Works Hill (Battle of Mount Holly)

A lot has happened at Exit 5. Every December the reenactment is played out on High Street, Mount Holly down to the field. I have several good photos taken over the years.

The Battle of Iron Works Hill is a must see. Complete with a canon firing in the middle of High Street, changing of the front lines and soldiers fighting to the finish. The hand stitched uniforms and period clothing are done perfectly down to the littlest detail. The actors stay in character and the smell of gun powder floats forever in the air.

The Americans numbering 600 lost their hold, however, not allowing the British to reach their destination in Bordentown. Therefore allowing George Washington to cross the Delaware & defeat the British in Trenton. (We whooped some butt!!!)

We may have lost the battle but won the war.

submitted for Exit 5 (Westampton Township) by Mookie Wotypka
September 13th, 2011 3:24 PM

As a tribute to the Rankokas Center nearby, you could use a Native ingredient like pumpkin, corn or squash.

submitted for Exit 5 (Westampton Township) by MK
March 7th, 2010 3:45 AM

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