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Mansfield Township

The ridges and valleys of the Township of Mansfield stretch out along the scenic Musconetcong River in bucolic Warren County.

  1. The first inhabitant of Columbus was Thomas Scattergood, an English Quaker who purchased 160 acres for 5 shillings sterling.
  2. The town of Georgetown was originally called Foolstown. According to legend, the town got its name when one of the residents bankrupted himself building a mansion. In 1834 the town was renamed to Georgetown to honor New Jersey Congressman George Sykes.
  3. According to legend, the whole area was once known as Encroaching Corners because so many of the residents encroached on the highway with their fences.
Exit 6 - Wallonian Rye

Exit 6 For our fifth stop, we journey to Exit 6. This part of Burlington County was settled by Dutch Walloons (now Belgians) whose first order of business was to build a fort–and then a tavern. The area has always had a rich agricultural heritage and we’re using locally grown rye as an appreciation of our farmers past and present.

Exit 6 starts out as a deceptively simple recipe–pale malt augmented by 20 percent rye, fermented with a classic Belgian yeast. But then it gets interesting with the hops: English East Kent Goldings, Slovenian Styrian Goldings and Japanese Sorachi Ace.

The result is a rich saffron color with a spicy character from the rye and lemony citrus notes from the unique Sorachi Ace hops.


Since Exit 6 is near New Egypt, what about an homage to the ancient art of Old Egyptian brewing? They used bread (like a kvass) and used licorice, anise, and molasses.

submitted for Exit 6 (Mansfield Township) by MK
March 7th, 2010 4:10 AM

There is only one reason which people get off at this exit, and that is to go to Pennsylvania. Given that PA has a high elderly population and German heritage, an EXIT 6 ALTBIER would be fitting.

submitted for Exit 6 (Mansfield Township) by jopalanie
February 15th, 2010 6:37 PM

After reading the description I noticed that the "mansfield" that you are describing is in Warren County not even near the NJTP.... I am about to open an exit 1 and enjoy it!

submitted for Exit 6 (Mansfield Township) by fyrfytr82
November 28th, 2009 11:28 PM

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